The Victim's Creed; Are these the Standards You Live By?

The Victim's Creed is something like a themometer, in which we measure our thought patterns by. It is an emotional themometer that may expose an 'ailment' of the heart. The cause of that ailment, while hidden from view, may be a past that is too frightening to look at or too painful to remember.

Are these the standards you live by?

  1. Pleasure must be stolen and thus, can never be enjoyed.
  2. If I have to wait for something it won't happen.
  3. If I work as hard as I can I will just pass, there's no hope for an "A".
  4. No matter how hard I work, some part of me says, "You could have tried harder."
  5. No one could possibly be happy with me the way I am, therefore I must change.
  6. No matter how hard I try nothing will ever change.
  7. I always feel guilty about something.
  8. I feel safest when no one pays attention to me.
  9. I hate myself whenever anyone shows disappointment in me.
  10. People only look out for themselves; consequently, I can't trust anyone.
  11. I am powerless, insignificant and can't stand up to people.
  12. Whatever I'm doing right now, I know there's something else more important that I should be doing.
  13. Rewards are to be earned. It's just that I've never been quite good enough to deserve any.
  14. Whenever I've decided to reward myself, I've taken too much or delighted myself in the wrong things, such as food, sex, alcohol, etc.
  15. When someone tells me 'no' or says, "you can't",  I get really angry and refuse to listen anymore and often go ahead and do it anyway.
  16. My mind is always racing. I'm always thinking and wondering why I behave the way I do.. There's something really wrong with me.
  17. I hate my body.
  18. I hate myself.
  19. I don't  think anybody will understand and besides, I don't know how to tell them.
  20. I know God keeps score.
  21.  I feel like God is getting fed up with me. I've blown it too many times.
  22. If the truth were known about me everyone would see what a phony I am.
  23. If I just try harder, Lord, I know I'll get it right next time-I promise!
  24. If I start blowing it again, God will wait for me to finally learn my lesson before He'll come and rescue me.
  25. I keep sinning and I don't think I can stop. Maybe I don't really care or maybe I'm just beyond help.

The Victim's Creed indicates a thought life riddled with doubt, self-blame, excrutiating guilt over almost everything, along with a perfectionist streak that's nearly paralyzing. If you have had any of these thought patterns, you have been robbed of the joy and satisfaction found in accomplishing life's simplest tasks. You are a victim of the tyranny of your own thought pattern. And satan loves it!

Here's a pratical excercise:

  1. Read and memorize, Jeremiah 29:11-14, " For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,' declares the Lord, "and will bring you back from captivity."
  2. Remind yourself daily that God is in control of every event in your life. Nothing escapes God's notice and no situation ever just "gets away from" Him. Accept your present circumstances for now and live in hope for your future. But give yourself permission to feel and express these feelings to God through prayer.
  3. Pray the following prayer or something like it in your own words,

I rebuke you, satan, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I resist fear and declare that any spirits causing me to fear must go where Jesus Christ commands them to go, never to return.

Lord, I stand before you in need of your healing touch.You see my heart, Lord, and are well acquainted with my needs. I ask,in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, that you banish all fear from my life, and that you set the healing process into motion in my heart and mind. Amen

Did You Know?
75% of sexual predators are male
and 25% are female.

86% of female arrest statistics for
child sexual offenders
are almost meaningless today.

Ancient Sex Abuse Facts:

The greatest offense against nature (God's divine order) was committed when the wrong purpose (selfish sex for mere pleasure outside of marriage), was sought with the wrong partner(same sex), in the wrong way (by means of oral or anal intercourse)

The taboo for childhood sex play
is only a few hundred years old. In
ancient and medieval Europe alike,
the sexual interest of children were
well recognized. Mothers,
and nurses were
to masturbate small children in order
to put them to
sleep or keep them quiet.


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