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Name:Tawana Davis
Time:06/29/2008 at 1:11am (UTC)
Message:Thank you for sharing this with me!!!! God is awesome!

Name:Deon Wimbush
Time:01/19/2008 at 7:57pm (UTC)
Message:Powerful Ministry! Keep it up ma'am!

Time:12/30/2007 at 3:10pm (UTC)
Message:I love what you are doing. There are a lot of statistics and things on here that I'm sure many people don't have a clue about. Very informative while still being a vessel. Glad I met you on Black Planet!!

Time:07/14/2007 at 7:08am (UTC)
Message:this is nice and thak god for your vision. please take time out to help me build a web page similar to this...

Time:07/07/2007 at 11:50pm (UTC)
Message:hey, mighty woman of God. It has been a long time. Your website is very inspirational. I was sitting here viewing it and I was almost in tears. I began to meditate on all the women I encountered that has been depressed,and raped, and then GOD said, they will be SET FREE by the power and the annointing that rest on this website. Well, girl i need your number. So we can keep in touch. Love you, Sybol

Name:Alicia B.
Time:07/07/2007 at 1:28pm (UTC)
U don't know how many young lives U r reaching! Far and near. To hear Darneise, say she whats to be just like U. That's lets me know she is willing to serve GOD strong and hard just like her big cousin!

Keep Up the Geart Work for God It Will Pay Off.(Has Payed Off...this website and more)
Auntie Alicia

Name:Mieyatta Kyles
Time:07/06/2007 at 9:21pm (UTC)
Message:If this don't set the captives free, I don't know what will! Thanks to your obedience. This is absolutly beautiful. The breakthroughs are mighty. I'm emailing every women I know right now. Wow! What an outlet. Kira just keep doing what you do, it's so encourages me to do what I'm called to do.

Remember " You were born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within you."

I'm so proud of you!

Love Mieyatta

Name:Amanda Schofield Yahoo Messenger
Time:07/05/2007 at 7:55pm (UTC)
Message:Thank you for this.

Name:stephanie jones
Time:07/04/2007 at 4:25am (UTC)
Message:i love you so much. and i think you for this page for it is a blessing to many. and i think you for hearing god and doing his will of being there for every oneyou and the man of god and as i am writing god is telling me to tell you don't stop here keep going you and your husben has aome more work to do .tell him to do what is with in him and stop stading on it. it will be ok and there is some man that is going throw and need some help. so make another page and that he do know and he is the one to tell some other man and thay will hear. thank you bouth for the love .keep up the good work

Name:Latoya Knight
Time:07/03/2007 at 2:40pm (UTC)
Message:Thanks for this informative website. I'll be certain to let my friends and family know about it. Love you girl. Keep up the good work.

Did You Know?
75% of sexual predators are male
and 25% are female.

86% of female arrest statistics for
child sexual offenders
are almost meaningless today.

Ancient Sex Abuse Facts:

The greatest offense against nature (God's divine order) was committed when the wrong purpose (selfish sex for mere pleasure outside of marriage), was sought with the wrong partner(same sex), in the wrong way (by means of oral or anal intercourse)

The taboo for childhood sex play
is only a few hundred years old. In
ancient and medieval Europe alike,
the sexual interest of children were
well recognized. Mothers,
and nurses were
to masturbate small children in order
to put them to
sleep or keep them quiet.


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