The Founder's Story

The Journey to wholeness…


I don’t know the essence of what lies ahead -But I know what I’ve left behind me.

Regardless of the season, God has always loved me and loved on me. Everyday God has gotten sweeter and sweeter…I love God so much that today, ‘love’ is simply an understatement.

I think about all that has happened to me up to this point. Most of my pain rested in the belly of my desire to be held and loved, rather than lusted after… I must say, God has never failed to hold me, comfort me and interpret my tears. I thank God for the times when I was in a place of uncertainty, yet I was comfortable in His presence and comforted. I’ve realized that uncertainty is sometimes the safest place to be; for it is in that moment when you have no choice but to trust God. I’ve learned to live above my mistakes and terrorizing experiences, instead of letting the mess pile on top of me. No more guilt or condemnation, my only conviction is when I doubt God can justify or defend my honor against the speculations and curses of others….in all its heaviness there is NOTHING too hard  for God.

I do catch myself sometimes thinking about the abuse, every relationship where I was mistreated, violated, molested, beaten and ridiculed. The astonishing thing is that it began in the home! The place where children seek to find rest and peace, where young people place the utmost confidence in there guardians to discern and protect then from all that is evil, corrupt and unjust. So, like many of you, I sought comfort outside the home to bring balance to my chaos. At times I became numb to it….but that was not enough.

Many of us make light of deliverance. I’ve learned that it doesn’t end with just a public purging in a worship service and blessing from the clergy…but it’s a personal thing. Just between you and God on nobody else’s timing. Part of the cleansing is unveiled in Gods exposure to the root of the thorn in your side. And this is where deliverance takes place.

Apart of my assignment is to assist you in the process of healing and empower you as you surrender your brokeness to God. I know exactly where many of you are or have been in the past; miscarriage, alcohol abuse, sexual oppression...I've experienced it too. But I am a witness that though the weapon may be formed, IT SHALL NOT PROSPER!!!Allow God to expose the root and bring nourishment though revelation. We’re talking about a simple exchange: Your ashes for God’s beauty.

Will you trust God to show you that your life is not just about you?

I'm here for you,


Did You Know?
75% of sexual predators are male
and 25% are female.

86% of female arrest statistics for
child sexual offenders
are almost meaningless today.

Ancient Sex Abuse Facts:

The greatest offense against nature (God's divine order) was committed when the wrong purpose (selfish sex for mere pleasure outside of marriage), was sought with the wrong partner(same sex), in the wrong way (by means of oral or anal intercourse)

The taboo for childhood sex play
is only a few hundred years old. In
ancient and medieval Europe alike,
the sexual interest of children were
well recognized. Mothers,
and nurses were
to masturbate small children in order
to put them to
sleep or keep them quiet.


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